What You Need To Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Derma Roller

The process of using a Derma Roller isn’t rocket science. It’s not complicated and it doesn’t revolve around quick fixes. It’s all about creating a skincare ritual that’s deliberate. So instead of removing your makeup with a wipe and applying an expensive night cream with the hopes that you’ll wake up with a youthful, blemish, wrinkle, and congestion-free complexion, let’s look at how to get the best results from our Peleva Advanced Micro Derma Roller System.

It’s Essential to Prepare Your Derma Roller Before You Use It?

Consider taking a look at your skin – have you noticed any dryness, irritation, or issues due to hormones, bad diet, lack of sleep, lack of water (or whatever)?

Double Cleanse

It cannot be overemphasized how important this step is. If you wear make-up or SPF and do not double cleanse, you need to think about adding this step to your routine. In short, double cleansing is basically washing your face twice… however, there are a few things to consider- like is your cleanser drying out your skin (yeah, you might want to switch cleansers.

A Derma Roller is designed to make tiny punctures into your skin. Therefore, if you are putting a foreign object into your skin you want to make sure it is spotless!

Cleaning your Derma Roller

It ensures you are removing any potential bacteria infections both before and after use. Unless you are using dermaroller cleaner, a dunk and swizzle in VERY hot water (don’t tap the sizes to damage the Micro Needles) is the best option here.

Derma Rolling Tips

There is always a certain amount of fear associated with trying something new for the first time, and using a Derma Roller is no exception. Because we get so many questions about using a Derma Roller for the first time, here is a list of almost every question we get from new users.

First-time Derma Roller users might be surprised to find out that it does not hurt as much as they anticipated (this will differ from person to person). You might wonder if you are pressing hard enough since you were expecting it to hurt a lot (after all, you are rolling your face with needles). As a rule, I advise you to push half as hard as you think you should on your first try.

If you follow our “How To Use A Derma Roller” tutorial, you will roll over the same part of your face several times; so you might not feel any pain on the first “pass”, but by the third “pass” you notice that your skin is starting to sting. Finally, by the time you are finished your face is tingling and you feel like you have a headache.

Take it slowly when you first get started and don’t rush things. Don’t try to “overall” or don’t push yourself too hard thinking harder is better.

Using the Derma Roller regularly (set a calendar reminder) will allow you to apply greater pressure and perform more passes over your face. Be gentle with your face (it’s the only one you have).

Derma rolling consistently produces results, so build it into your weekly routine and keep moving forward.

Post Derma Roller Skincare 

When you have finished your weekly roll, rinse your face with cool water (you may have some redness at this point). Don’t use anything hot and don’t scrub your skin. An occasional splash of water is all that is needed.

A post rolling skincare regimen should include nourishing and moisturizing products like our Peleva C Power Vitamin C Serum designed to restore skin’s radiance.

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