What Time Of Year Is Best For IPL Hair Removal?

What Time Of Year Is Best For IPL Hair Removal?

This 2022, the chances are that you’re already thinking about your next summer getaway right now. For the last two years, we’d been into a series of lockdown and travel restrictions, so as we slowly begin to win our war against Covid 19 and go back to our carefree and adventurous self, it is expected how we all constantly crave for the beach this coming summer, and we all know that going to the beach would need us to constantly use hair removal. But how soon should we start thinking about summers without worrying about pesky hair growth?

Here’s why you should consider laser hair as early as Winter time!

IPL hair removal: how does it work?

In order to understand how laser hair removal works, let’s first discover how IPL (intense pulsed light) works. IPL delivers bursts of light to a treatment area repeatedly. In repeated treatments, the pigment in the hair absorbs the light energy, damaging the follicle and affecting its ability to grow hair. With repeated treatments, you may notice a significant reduction in hair growth, and some follicles may not grow another hair for years.

What is the best time for me to start IPL hair removal?

Unlike quick-fix solutions, IPL hair reduction only works on hairs that are actively growing, so it is necessary to have multiple sessions rather than one quick-fix. Hair grows in cycles, so not all of the hairs in your treatment area will be treated at the same time. In order to achieve your optimum results, you will need repeated treatments – which is why winter is the perfect time to start your treatment journey. It generally takes around six treatments to see true growth reduction, so starting your treatments now gives you a stress-free summer without the need for traditional hair removal.  While you’re covered up longer in autumn and winter, you can still shave your treatment areas as needed while receiving treatment. In fact, we recommend you shave a few days before your treatment because this ensures the hair will be in its growing stage and therefore treatable.

What are the advantages of laser hair reduction?

There are many benefits to laser hair removal, and permanent hair reduction is only one of them. It minimizes the likelihood that ingrown hairs will develop, which is a common side effect of shaving and hair removal cream. To be sure, ingrown hairs are not only painful, unsightly, and uncomfortable to remove, but because IPL works to damage the follicle, there is less likelihood of them forming. Also, those who regularly shave their legs or underarms are familiar with the prickly in-between growth that is itchy and noticeable. The problem with repetitive shaving is that it involves either waiting a week for the hair to grow enough to shave again or doing it prematurely to maintain your results whilst causing irritation; this results in shaving rash. You may have had problems with these conditions during your summer and limited your confidence or wardrobe. Starting laser hair removal now will be extremely beneficial for next summer.

Let your mind wander to summer next year and imagine a self that is liberated, stress-free, and more relaxed, and has never had to worry about prickly regrowth or constant hair maintenance.


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