What is Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro

Peleva Ice Laser Hair Removal Pro is using an advanced and innovative hair removal system that ensures the safest, fastest, and most efficient IPL for permanent hair reduction that is suitable for all skin types -including sensitive skin. This laser hair removal machine has an ICE Cooling function that allows the hair removal process to be virtually pain-free. Most of our users only feel a mild sensation while having their hair removed, which is much less than the effects of other laser hair removal methods.

The Peleva IPL Device is the most advanced solution for hair removal treatment that uses Intense Pulse Light Technology to break the cycle of hair regrowth. Clinical trials have shown that this IPL hair removal machine is gentle, effective, and doesn’t cause any side effects. Peleva Ice Laser Hair Removal Pro includes the most diverse IPL wavelengths and technologies so that you can treat the widest range of hair types and issues quickly and painlessly, all year long.  After just 2 months of full treatment, 93.7% of our users saw a measurable improvement.


With our built-in ice compression plate, the Peleva Ice Laser Hair Removal Pro device maintains your skin’s surface between 32°F and 41°F. Thus, reducing redness and swelling, and calms down your skin as you do the hair treatment. Easy to use, simply turn on the ice cooling feature so you can enjoy hair removal as well as cooling care. Nothing is better than Peleva Ice Laser Hair Removal Pro for a painless, comfortable, and effective treatment that will result in smooth, hair-free skin that all your friends will envy.


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