The Best Ways to Avoid These Stage Makeup Mistakes

As you’re on stage, remembering your lines or the next dance move, you don’t want to stress about your makeup. By avoiding these mistakes, you will look great from Act I all the way until
curtain call.

Skipping Foundation

If you are going to ditch the foundation on stage, you are making a huge mistake. You need a perfect canvas for your rest of the makeup.

I think the worse thing you could do is skip it completely or use the wrong shade. If you choose a shade too dark or light, it’s going to stand out under harsh stage lighting, and it could end up looking like a mask.

Applying too much will look cakey and fake. Instead of using too much, opt for a product that gives you more coverage. When you’re finished, give your foundation a finishing powder to keep the shine and sweat at bay.

Skimping on Makeup

While your everyday look might be perfect over a cup of coffee indoors, if you try to use it onstage you’ll look washed-out and flat. The bright lights and the distance from the audience make your makeup need to be a lot more substantial than you might imagine.

Don’t be afraid to layer on the blush, bronzer, shadow, etc. Up close, it might look a little scary, but from a distance, it will look beautiful.

Not Using Waterproof Products

When it comes to eye makeup, especially eyeliner, you must use waterproof because of the tears and sweat. Make sure you use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid raccoon eyes.

Bare Brows

From the audience’s perspective, if you don’t fill in your brows, they will probably look too light. Does that sound like a big deal? It is! Eyebrows are the cornerstone of so many facial expressions. You lose a lot of this if your eyebrows are washed out.

The audience should be able to see every furrowed brow and surprised expression because they’re darkened up a bit.

Lower Lash Blackout

You’ll look smaller from the audience if you apply black liner to your lower lash line. Try using white instead. This brightens and opens the eyes – the perfect thing to do on stage.

Too Much Glitter

There is nothing wrong with some glitz and glam, but too much glitter can be overwhelming and distracting. If you choose to use glitter, apply it sparingly and only to one area at a time.

Would you rather the audience focus on your performance…or the over-glittered, under-contoured makeup you’ve applied? Make sure to avoid these stage makeup mistakes from now on
and you’ll feel confident on stage.

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