Skincare Routine During Winter

The 5 Best Skincare Routine During Winter

We who live in the north are challenged by the chilly months throughout the year for many reasons, including the fact that it’s hard on our sensitive skin. Keeping your skin in good condition is easier when the temperature is warm, but when the cold sets in for a few months there is certainly more work to put in to keep it healthy.

Our recommendations below will help you manage your skin’s status throughout all four seasons. Here is the best skincare routine during winter.

Pay Close Attention To Your Skin

Stay in tune with your skin by understanding how it changes and trying to adjust as the temperature drops. As it gets colder, your skin will dry out more and more, it will crack if it gets too dry – especially around the knuckles of the hands, and flakes of skin may fall off as well. Here are some tips for keeping your skin looking and feeling good, even when it’s cold and wet outside.

Use Cleanser for Dry & Sensitive Skin

Temperature drops entail a reduction in moisture in the air, which has a profound effect on your skin. When the weather is hotter, you need a cleanser with a drying effect on your skin to remove excess oil, but when the weather is cool, you need something that leaves your skin more moisturized – especially on your face, where wrinkles naturally appear when the air is dryer.

The Moisturizer You Use Is Crucial

Due to the lack of moisture in the air, you should use a cream moisturizer that contains collagen that can help to add moisture to your skin during the cooler months. Also, you can stick with your usual moisturizer product or products, but just use more of them than you would normally when it’s cooler outside. If you feel your skin needs more moisturizing than just after a shower, for example, you might have to moisturize more often throughout the day as well. Observe what your skin is telling you visually and you’ll be able to tell what it needs.

Put on a Humidifier

If your home has exceptionally dry air it’s recommended that you add moisture by purchasing a humidifier. In addition to hydrating your skin, it will also relieve you of the pressure of maintaining a strict skincare regimen.

Exfoliate regularly

When there is less moisture in your skin during the winter months, your skin can look dull and bland. A lack of tan is another factor that makes your skin look dull and bland. You should consider adopting an exfoliation routine that helps remove dull cells and leaves behind new ones that appear healthier.


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