Ways To Hydrate and Fight Dryness

The 3 Best Ways To Hydrate and Fight Dryness

During summer or spring, we tend to have a few skin problems that sort of go dormant and emerge fully during the winter months. During the more humid months, your skin may seem perfect, but when the weather turns colder and dryer, it might have a lot of issues. During the winter, your skin becomes dull and loses its glow, so here are some tips to hydrate and fight dryness of your skin.

Roll, Roll, Roll!

We are all aware of how much of a difference a dermarolling can do for your skin.  Peleva Advanced Micro Derma Roller System works by rolling 200 extremely fine micro-needles through your skin. During this process, collagen and vitamin C serum is produced, which triggers a natural healing process and promotes healthy skin. Using it during winter can make most of your skin-related problems go away. Dermarolling also helps your skin fully absorb moisturizers and serum. Make sure to sanitize and clean your derma roller before and after use.

Use A Non-Toxic Serum

Including serum in your skincare is crucial during dry winter months to fight against dryness and dull skin.  Make sure to use paraben-free and plant-based formulation serum such as Peleva C-Power Vitamin C Serum. Using this cruelty-free and suitable for all skin type serum can show immediate results right away.

Do not Patronize Harsh Products

There’s always that one scrub or cleanser that makes the hands and face feel dry and squeaky clean right after use; while this might not be a problem during summer, such products tend to irritate the skin during the winter. Dryness, redness, and dullness are some of the winter skin problems most people encounter, so choosing products that are gentle on the skin and contain moisturizing properties can be a huge help. When you apply skin care products, choose those that contain hydrating ingredients like vitamin E and Vitamin C  instead of those containing alcohol, salicylic acid, or sodium Laureth sulfate

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