Skincare Layering 101 With Peleva


As there are so many skincare products on the market today,  it can be quite overwhelming to figure out what the correct  order of application is. Should you use your moisturizer first? Or should you apply your serums? Why not mask or retinol  products? And does application order change based on what  time of day you use the skincare products? 

You may have asked yourself any one of those questions.  We want to demystify the confusion around skincare layering. Layering correctly can improve the benefits you receive from  your skincare products, and ensure you are getting the  results you are paying for. 


It may also apply to when the same product is applied more  than once for additional benefits when it comes to skincare  products. Layering involves the order in which each product  is applied to your skin. 

It is general rule of thumb that thin products must be applied  first. You should never apply a thick cream on top of a  hydrating serum; the thicker cream may prevent the serum  from reaching your skin, preventing the serum from doing its  job. Ultimately, this not only causes a loss of benefits but also  causes a monetary loss. 


The morning and evening applications are similar regarding  the layering of your skincare products, however there are  small differences. 


Exfoliate and Cleanse 

Dead skin cells and other impurities can build up on  the surface of your skin and in your pores while you  sleep. An exfoliating cleanser is a fantastic way to get  a clean start. 

Choose a toner that works for you 

Adding a toner can help you remove any impurities  you may have missed in the first cleansing step. It’s  also a good idea to add any hydrating essences you  may have already. 

Apply a Concentrated Serum

Serums are easy to absorb and can deliver targeted  nutrients where they are needed the most. If you have  dry skin, use a serum such as Peleva Power C  Vitamin serum to restore moisture to your skin. Vitamin C, powerful antioxidant, goes well with a  broad-spectrum sunscreen; and apply eye cream to  your eye area while you are at it. 

Use hydrating facial creams

To finish off your routine and lock in all the nutrients  and moisture, it is ideal to add in any facial creams  you may have. This can include eye creams and anti aging moisturizers with SPF protection, like Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer with SPF 30.


Cleanse Your Skin

After a busy day, your skin can accumulate dirt, toxins and dust; Using a cleanser will thoroughly remove these impurities as well as gently remove makeup that has been applied throughout the day.

You should also add a Hydrating Essence

Essences are similar to the toners you would use in the morning. In this instance, they serve to hydrate and repair your skin.

• Consider Using a Serum for Your Biggest Concerns

Now is a great time to add your favorite serum, especially if it contains retinol. These highly concentrated and lightweight products work to tighten and tone up trouble spots.

• Finish With a Richer Cream

During the evening, you won’t need a moisturizing cream with SPF. Look for a thicker cream that hydrates the skin and targets troubled areas such as dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.

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