Skin Types: 5 Ways To Classify Them

Skin Types: 5 Ways To Classify Them

If you are looking to build a skincare regimen that works specifically for your skin type. The first thing you must do is determine your specific skin type.  By doing this, you will determine what routines and regimens are most beneficial for you.

However, how do you determine your skin type? These tips below would help you learn how. 

Cleanse – Make sure that you cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. If you have dry patches or oily areas on your skin, do not apply any moisturizer, serum, or skincare product after cleansing with a gentle cleanser. Wait for 30 minutes then determine if your skin needs moisturizer, serum, or skincare product. 

In order to tell whether you have dry or oily skin, you will be able to feel the tightness in your face when moving it. If your cheeks shine after the cleansing procedure, it means you have oily skin. If there is shine only on your T-zone and specifically on your chin, nose, and forehead, you have combination skin.

Utilize blotting papers – Dab them on your face before cleansing in the morning. When you hold the sheet of paper up to the light, you’ll see that the oil is either not visible or just minimal, which indicates that your skin is dry. By contrast, if you have noticeably visible oil on your face, you likely have combination skin type or oily skin type. This will depend on where you dabbed the sheet.

Examine your skin Cleanse your skin with water once you wake up in the morning. This will ensure that your skin and face is clean. Then, you can go about your usual activities without applying any other cosmetics or skin care products to your face and skin. In the middle of the day, you can examine your skin closely in the mirror. You probably have oily skin when there is oil in your T-zone or all over your face. You may also have a sensitive or dry skin type when patches, redness, and peeling appear.

Use your fingertips to feel your skin – After visually inspecting your face and skin, wash it, and then leave it until lunchtime. You should then use your fingertips to gently touch your face and skin. Doing so will help you identify which parts of your face are dry, oily, and normal.

Consult a professional – Still confused about your skin type? Speak with a skin care expert who can examine your skin and tell you what skin type you have. Your skin care specialist can even make recommendations regarding the best products to use that would suit your skin type.

Have you now been able to identify your particular skin type? Once you have achieved the glow you desire, you can gradually invest in highly effective skincare products and tools, such as Advanced Micro Derma Roller System by Peleva & Peleva C-Power Vitamin C Serum, to bring out the natural beauty of your skin.

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