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Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro

$ 49.99 $ 95.00

Peleva Ice Laser Hair Removal Pro hair removal technology guarantees you completely suitable for your sensitive skin compared to other methods of permanent hair removal. This laser hair removal machine with ICE cooling function allows it to be used for hair removal without damage.


for all skin type

for all skin types


non toxic


high quality

Worldwide shipping

worldwide shipping


eco friendly


paraben free


cruelty free

Organic & Natural

organic & natural

100% Vegan

100% vegan


gmo free


Freezing and waxing go hand in hand. Enjoy the new feeling of freezing for painless hair removal.


Adjust the equipment according to the condition of the skin and hair for safe epilation.


You can enjoy professional-quality hair removal at home with an overview of the remaining light emission times thanks to a digital display.


Suitable Skin Tone


Suitable Hair Color


This device is extremely gentle on the skin. The users who cannot shave because of their sensitive skin can use IPL. This is designed to be suitable for at-home use, so they are gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types.



Additional information

Weight1050 g


The Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro adopts the international advanced photos cosmetic IPL technology which directly irradiates the skin with strong pulsed light.

The Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro employs light energy to precisely target pigmented or damaged skin cells or hair follicles and eliminate them.

How to Use

How to use Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro.

Before starting to use Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro, shave the hair from the area of skin that you will be treating. Before using, make sure your skin is clean and free of any products on the surface.

Connect one end of the power adapter to a wall outlet and the other end to your device. And press the power button on for a few seconds. When the light in the display changes from flashing to steady, it means that the device is ready. It is advisable to wear eye protection.

Place the device directly to the skin and start pressing the flash button and enjoy using Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro. You can also select the level by pressing the power button. Long press the flash button to activate automatic flashing.

To turn off the device, long press the power button. Wipe the device with a clean cloth before putting it back in the box.

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