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  • Peleva Active Bright Eye Vegan Gel Cream

    $ 38.00

    Our active eye cream applies like silk and absorbs into the skin, quickly smoothing out the skin around your eyes.

  • Peleva Blush Trio Vegan Pro Cheek Palette

    $ 26.00

    This is a 3-shade pro cheek palette to sculpt, brush, and highlight your face with a buildable formula that’s bound to bring maximum glow and color instantly.

  • Peleva Glow Enhancer Liquid Highlighter

    $ 25.00

    Available in two tones to create a halo effect on your glowing cheeks.

  • Peleva Matte Radiance Luminizing Face Powder

    $ 21.00

    This multidimensional powder is suitable for all skin types and will leave your skin feeling silky and dewy.

  • Peleva Mix & Match Talc-Free Vegan Eyeshadow Palette

    $ 21.00

    Attain a mesmerizing eye look with our creamy 6-shade eyeshadow palette.

  • Peleva Natural Finish Vegan Concealing Cream

    $ 19.00

    This super creamy formulation is extremely blendable to brighten your radiant skin and conceals the most difficult uneven skin tone.

  • Peleva Vegan Cheek Highlighter Stick

    $ 26.00

    Apply after foundation and concealer it blends perfectly onto the complexion with a natural luminous sheen.

  • Peleva Vegan Velvet Single Pan Blush

    $ 17.00

    This talc-free blush is a silky, soft-pressed powder that seamlessly blends into your skin! Get the healthy, natural-looking flush your cheeks have always dreamed of.

  • Peleva Waterproof Matte Vegan Sculpting Bronzer Powder

    $ 28.00

    This bronzer has the perfect balance of red and brown tones to enhance your makeup look.