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  • Peleva Airbrush Flawless Face & Cheek Fan Brush

    $ 17.00

    This is the perfect brush for gently sweeping on dewy highlights, diffusing color on your cheeks, and sweeping away excess powder.

  • Peleva Face Contouring Sculpt & Shade Brush

    $ 25.00

    Shaped to perfectly glide against the hallows of the cheeks, this brush is designed to add shape and definition to the face.

  • Peleva Multi-Function Angled Blush Brush

    $ 26.00

    Its featured angle perfectly glides against the cheek and cheekbone area to easily enhance and add definition to the face.

  • Peleva Professional Seamless Finish Concealer Brush

    $ 19.00

    The perfect conceal brush that’s gentle on your skin. This brush has short firm bristles that have been designed to easily pick up, apply, and blend cream or liquid concealers.

  • Peleva Tapered Blender Brush

    $ 21.00

    This brush is designed to seamlessly blend around the eye area. It’s perfect for softening intensities of eyeshadows.

  • Peleva Total Coverage Angled Sponge Crease Blender

    $ 20.00

    This brush is perfectly shaped to guarantee precise application of color in the crease.

  • Peleva Vegan Makeup Professional Brush Set

    $ 57.00

    This 7-piece brush set has been designed and customized with the most popular brushes for your makeup kit.