Tools & Brushes

Our selection of makeup brushes includes options for every step of your routine, from foundation and concealer to eyeshadow and contouring. And with our high-quality synthetic and natural fibers, you can be confident that your brushes will apply your makeup smoothly and evenly.

But brushes aren’t the only option when it comes to applying makeup. Beauty blenders and sponges are great for achieving a seamless, airbrushed finish. And for precise application, our collection of tweezers and eyelash curlers can help you get the perfect look.

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  • Peleva Airbrush Flawless Face & Cheek Fan Brush

    $ 17.00

    This is the perfect brush for gently sweeping on dewy highlights, diffusing color on your cheeks, and sweeping away excess powder.

  • Peleva All Purpose Dual Pencil Sharpener

    $ 10.00

    It professionally sharpens your favorite pencils. The sharpener fits two pencil sizes with sharp blades for precision.

  • Peleva Biodegradable Cotton Swab Box

    $ 8.00

    These ultra-soft, 1% pure cotton swabs to your daily beauty routine. Each cotton swab is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and disposable.

  • Peleva Biodegradable Natural Konjac Sponge

    $ 16.00

    A natural, plant fiber Konjac Sponge for a better exfoliating face scrub.

  • Peleva De-Puffing Jade Facial Rollers

    $ 25.00

    The jade roller stimulates lymphatic drainage and promotes blood circulation, making it the ideal tool to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Peleva De-Puffing Rose Quartz Facial Roller

    $ 23.00

    The rose quartz roller stimulates lymphatic drainage and promotes blood circulation, making it the ideal tool to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Peleva Everywhere Professional Makeup Bag

    $ 22.00

    This bag is with clam-shell interior pockets, there’s more compartments to fit all your essentials.

  • Peleva Face Contouring Sculpt & Shade Brush

    $ 25.00

    Shaped to perfectly glide against the hallows of the cheeks, this brush is designed to add shape and definition to the face.

  • Peleva Lash Enhancing Rejuvenator Serum

    $ 23.00

    Packed with natural extracts and hemp-infused nutrients, you will see real, healthy hair growth using our lash rejuvenator

  • Peleva Light Touch Multi-Tasking Makeup Sponge

    $ 16.00

    The latex-free foam will lightly blend face makeup and the precision, an angled point will leave no imperfections behind.

  • Peleva Limited Edition Pro Eyelash Curler

    $ 16.00

    The wide mouth is suitable for all eye shapes and prevents pinching and crimping for volumizing lashes.

  • Peleva Multi-Function Angled Blush Brush

    $ 26.00

    Its featured angle perfectly glides against the cheek and cheekbone area to easily enhance and add definition to the face.

  • Peleva Oil-Control Touch-up Vegan Blotting Papers

    $ 8.00

    Absorb excess oil and shine with a gentle dab of these blotting papers to refresh your face throughout the day while never disturbing your makeup.

  • Peleva Pack It All Essentials Makeup Bag

    $ 18.00

    Store your essential everyday products in this glossy, clear makeup bag. Perfect for daily use, traveling, or sleepovers.

  • Peleva Padded Pro Vegan Friendly Eyelash Curler

    $ 16.00

    The curler has padded handles and a silicone pad to apply the perfect amount of pressure for that long-lasting lash curl.

  • Peleva Precision Slant Tweezers

    $ 15.00

    This tweezer can get those stubborn hairs. With precision technology,  pluck ingrown hairs and shape brows with ease. These perfectly slanted tweezers are suitable for working against the brow bone for a cleaner brow look.