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Upgrade your skincare routine with cruelty-free, mostly vegan, organic, and natural products. These high-quality products are made with natural ingredients and do not involve any animal testing. Choose from a variety of skincare essentials including cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and more. Find the perfect products to suit your skin type and concerns

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  • Peleva Active Bright Eye Vegan Gel Cream

    $ 38.00

    Our active eye cream applies like silk and absorbs into the skin, quickly smoothing out the skin around your eyes.

  • Peleva All Day Hydrator Shea Body Butter Moisturizer

    $ 35.00

    Our body butter goes on thick, and rich in natural fats and our formula uses 8% fair trade shea butter.

  • Peleva Anti-Aging Collagen Moisturizer with Vitamin E

    $ 55.00

    The perfect, soothing blend of colloidal oatmeal, collagen, and vitamin E.

  • Peleva Botanical Advance Repair Face Cream

    $ 55.00

    With a natural oil blend without the greasy texture, your dry, sensitive skin will appreciate the extra softness and moisture.

  • Peleva Deep Hydrating & Soothing Vegan Moisturizer

    $ 23.00

    Packed with a blend of aloe and hyaluronic acid, it’s the daily facial moisturizer that’s fast-absorbing for your skin to feel silky smooth.

  • Peleva Deep Hydration Botanical Firming Toner

    $ 48.00

    Our formula contains aloe, chamomile, and Japanese green tea extracts to tighten pores and balance the pH of your skin.

  • Peleva Detox & Purifying Arctic Mineral Mud Mask

    $ 50.00

    Composed of pure arctic mineral mud meant to detoxify skin, instantly creating noticeable effects such as smooth, clean skin.

  • Peleva Flawless Pore Minimizer & Mattifying Primer

    $ 22.00

    It smoothes fine lines and pores for a picture-perfect look.

  • Peleva Fragrance-Free Extreme Moisture Blend

    $ 23.00

    With a blend of witch hazel and chamomile extract, this moisturizer will decrease the appearance of dull skin. The burst of brightness will immediately show on your skin.

  • Peleva Hydrating & Anti-Aging Concentrate Vegan Eye Firm Serum

    $ 43.00

    Cucumber extract and firming peptides will leave your skin glowing and plump.

  • Peleva Mattifying Waterproof Vegan Setting Spray

    $ 25.00

    It has natural antioxidants from plant extracts, your skin will thank you for this.

  • Peleva Plumping & Deep Hydration Vegan Hyaluronic Moisturizer

    $ 55.00

    Hyaluronic acid not only provides skin moisture but also gives a plumping effect.

  • Peleva Polish Exfoliator Vegan Lip Scrub

    $ 23.00

    This is made to rejuvenate, transform and moisturize your lips. A minty scrub that contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter.

  • Peleva Pore-Minimizer Vegan Antioxidant Toner

    $ 23.00

    A gentle toner with the perfect blend of plant extracts that minimizes the appearance of pores on your skin.

  • Peleva Skin-Softening Chamomile Face Cleansing Wash

    $ 43.00

    Elderflower extract provides a vitamin-rich, anti-inflammatory cleanses, perfect for your skin.

  • Peleva Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer with Mango & Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream

    $ 48.00

    This cream contains hyaluronic acid and is best at delivering long-lasting moisture without clogging pores.