Peleva’s Daily Skincare Do’s

Summer is just around the corner! Yay! Ready to welcome summer with your best face forward? Skin care is essential for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Follow these steps daily for
healthy, radiant skin in all seasons of the year – not just summer. For best skin results, visit our website; we’d love to help you out.

Step 1: Cleanse

Healthy skin begins with a cleanser formulated to treat specific skin concerns. From oily or acne prone to dry or sensitive to stressed or lackluster, look for an expertly formulated cleanser for your skin type!

Step 2: Exfoliate

When you remove dead, dry skin from your body, the rest of your routine penetrates more effectively, and you’ll reveal healthier, more radiant-looking skin. If you don’t have skin exfoliation products yet add them to your beauty cabinet.

Step 3: Hydrate

Get a daily dose of dehydrated skin hydration, thanks to wide range of hydrating serum treatment at home you can have that noticeably smooth, plump, and healthy-looking skin.

Step 4: Treat & Moisturize

In addition to skin concerns addressed by signature serums, a well-chosen moisturizer seals in hydration. Our Skin Health Experts often recommend using Firming Serum and Repair Cream together for optimal results.

Step 5: Protect

Make sure you use a daily sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection to shield from UV rays and to restore skin. Daily dose of SPF can protects from blue light, works as an antiaging shield and helps restore skin.

Cheers to your best skin year yet! Enjoy your summer beauties.

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