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Peleva Ice Laser Hair Removal VS Other Hair Removal Method

A person’s choice of hair removal is an individual decision. If you choose to use hair removal cream, you’ll understand the effort that goes into it, whether it’s the stubble you experience the next morning after shaving, the irritation, or the pain during waxing. This is yet another chore – and there are plenty of those too!

It can be challenging to fit your hair-removal routine around your busy social calendar, but at Peleva, our goal is to give you that salon experience at home, where you can better take control of how you use your time and achieve (and keep!) that smooth skin feeling longer.

Why are so many people trusting us with their legs, arms, bikini line (the list goes on…)? Because we’re the World’s #1 Ice laser hair removal brand.

Our high-profile products are designed and developed by us in-house. Our clinical expertise is our biggest asset and we thoroughly test our products before they reach you, so you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

So, what are Ice Laser Hair Removal Device advantages over other hair removal methods?


Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro is an upfront investment that is designed to last for a lifetime. As a result, our products are backed by a one-year warranty. This is the equivalent of saving you time and money compared to waxing or laser treatments.


While we understand everyone’s pain threshold is different, we asked Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro first-timers what their experience was like.

Users of a recently conducted clinical trial rated the discomfort of treatment as 1 out of 10, with many experiencing just a warm sensation from the light. Real user Claire commented: “Compared to waxing or using an epilator, this is not at all comparable.”. This is painless, completely, compared to those.” 

There is also a gentle mode built into our Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro device that some users find helpful when using the device for the first time or in sensitive areas, such as the bikini line.

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