Peleva Five Tips For Healthier Skin

There are no miracles in this world – Rome wasn’t built in a day, baby steps, and the hare and the tortoise – you know what they say. Even skin needs time – a skin cycle takes approximately 28
days, so being patient is the best thing that you can do!

Today we have a chance to take good care of our bodies, and especially our skin. We believe that skin care should include caring for it on the inside, outside, and on top. So what can we
do to ensure that our skin is as healthy as possible?

1. Double Cleanse, Morning And Evening

You won’t lose too much time double cleansing, I promise. Double cleansing, both morning and evening, is the best habit a person can establish for their skin, and we are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to review our habits at the moment in order to improve them.

It is helpful to double cleanse morning and evening in order to ensure that your skin is free of any products applied last night, SPF, makeup, and excess oil, which reduces congestion and

Furthermore, double cleansing ensures that your skin is thoroughly prepared to receive serums and other important ingredients which can benefit your skincare concerns. Double cleansing will take about 90 seconds in the morning and two minutes in the evening, a total of four minutes which will be worth it to you!

2. Use SPF

SPF can make people feel lulled into a false sense of security about anti-aging products. However, as much as I hate to break your bubble, SPF is not an optional anti-ageing product; it is the
product you will use every day.

We are still getting UV light in the form of sunlight from our windows (hiya, spring!) and we are also getting blue light from our screens (these are High-Efficiency Voltages, or HEVs), which is not exactly the best thing for our skin.

This is why wearing an SPF is important. Just because we aren’t out and about does not excuse us from wearing an SPF. It is said that exposure to ultraviolet light is one of the leading causes of premature aging, and if we are not diligent about protecting ourselves, we can develop skin cancer.

Therefore, protecting yourself and your skin is the most important thing you can do.

3.Take More Essential Fatty Acids

Our skin should be moisturized, and it is good to eat hydration- rich foods as well. The essential fatty acids in these foods are essential for maintaining the normal function of the body as well
as the skin. We’re all familiar with omega-3 fatty acids when it comes to keeping our skin in shape.

It is important to note that we don’t produce linoleic acid or alpha linoleic acid naturally, so we must obtain these fatty acids (omega 3 and 6 fatty acids) through our diet; linoleic acid and
alpha linoleic acid are more difficult to obtain through our diets, so it’s important to supplement if you need to!

In order to increase your intake of essential fatty acids, try eating salmon, mackerel, oily fish of any kind, nuts, seeds, green, leafy vegetables – but make sure you get enough omegas 3 AND 6.

4. Incorporate Vitamin A

Skin health is determined by vitamin A, from which all skin health comes. It promotes skin proliferation, controls sebum production, speeds up healing, stimulates collagen synthesis, normalizes cell behaviour, and so on… of course, I am a fan of vitamin A.

There is no easier way to introduce this product if you don’t already use it topically.

5. Be Free of Free Radicals

So being free of these molecules isn’t exactly possible – we are the product of chemical reactions, and free radicals are ubiquitous. These unbonded molecules enter our bodies as a result of pollution or environmental damage, such as smoke, or the sun. By using antioxidants or consuming antioxidants, you are able to neutralize the effects of free radicals.

Adding antioxidants to your diet is also a great way to go about things.

We’ve outlined five tips to help you achieve healthier skin and superior skincare – but it’s important to remember that changes for the good are always beneficial, even if they take a bit of time. Now is the time to be patient with ourselves and our hardworking skin!



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