Peleva Light IPL Device

Peleva Advanced IPL Device – TOP TIPS

Find out what our top tips are!

These tips are great to use during treatments and have been recommended by clinical experts.

Glide Mode

Using the ‘Glide Mode’ will save you time when treating larger areas. Simply place the handset on the skin and press the activation button continuously (holding it down continuously). The handset will flow along the skin between flashes. When moving the handset, try to maintain a steady speed so that you get full coverage without missing anything


If you want the silky smooth skin you desire and a more effective hair removal experience, make sure to exfoliate before treatments. This will enable the light to penetrate more effectively.


It is recommended to use Stamp Mode on small areas such as the underarms and face. Press and release the activation button as you place the handset on the skin. The handset should be gently removed from the skin before reapplying to the next treatment area. Using the stamp mode is a good option to treat these areas because you can gently move it from one to another.

Patch Test

We recommend testing your skin for reaction to the Peleva Advanced IPL Device before each new body area is treated.

More useful tips

Mask delicate areas 

 During treatments, white card can be used to protect delicate areas such as the upper lip.

Monthly maintenance

Following the 12-week treatment regimen, we suggest treating once a month to keep your skin continuously hair-free.


If you want your Peleva Light IPL device to perform at its finest, it is important not to let dirt or hair accumulate on the Treatment Window Reflector. This part of the handset can be removed easily for cleaning. Once removed, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth. Before fitting the Removable Front back onto the Handset, ensure it is completely dry. Never use water or any other cleaning fluids, as they can damage the device and cause a safety risk.


It is very important to wear a sun protection cream (UV) after your treatments


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