Morning Skincare Routine

Morning Skincare Routine – 3 Steps

Starting out your day with clear, clean skin should be your #1 priority when you get up in the morning. Have your coffee, then do what you should do – clean and treat your skin right. Here are the 3 steps for the morning skincare routine

Wash Your Face

You should wash your skin with mild soap. Rinse out the product thoroughly and remove the sweat and dust which have gotten stuck to it. Use cold water and then rinse thoroughly.

Smooth Out Your Skin With A Serum

The ingredients in a skin serum are effective at clearing the skin as well as treating several complications and imperfections. Look for ingredients such as:

Vit C – is an anti oxidant that help fades dark spots and discolorations, resulting in an even tone for the skin. 

Why Choose Peleva C-Power Vitamin C Serum?

  1. It is Plant-based formulation
  2. It Revitalizes Aging skin
  3. It offers Flawless skin for all skin types
  4. It has Extended manufacture Guarantee
  5. It is Eco-friendly

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

To protect your skin from harmful UV rays, you’ll want to finish your skincare routine with a trustworthy SPF. Sun exposure can damage your skin, which is why you’ll want to block harmful UV radiation. Remember to re-apply SPF whenever you are exposed to the sun, and don’t forget to protect your neck as well.


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