Microneedling: Is skin peeling normal after Derma Roller treatment?

In spite of being a tricky procedure, microneedling your skin is very simple once you know all about it, which is why so many people are raving about its benefits!

Several people are concerned when the skin starts reddening or peeling after microneedling sessions. Is this normal? Should you worry about it? Let’s find out below and answer all your questions!

What To Expect After Dermarolling?

High-quality dermaroller such as Peleva Advanced Micro Derma Roller System can greatly improve the appearance of your skin, remove acne scars, and reduce wrinkles as well as make your skin plumper. However, dermarolling has some undesirable effects as well.

You should be aware of what to expect as an aftermath of microneedling before you undergo it, including skin peeling.


If your skin doesn’t peel after microneedling, it’s because the derma roller was too gentle for any significant outcome. In fact, it would be an indication that the derma roller did not have any significant effect at all.

What Should You Do Before Peeling?

The short answer is No! Picking your skin may lead to hyperpigmentation and may delay the healing process. You should wait for it to begin peeling on its own rather than picking it.

What Should You Do If Your Skin Peels?

If your skin starts peeling after microneedling, take good care of it since it’s a sign that it’s healing. As a general rule of thumb, avoid using skin care products that contain harsh synthetic ingredients; these will irritate the skin and cause excessive inflammation and swelling.

  • You should limit your sun exposure. If you must go out, wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen containing a mild formula.
  • Makeup shouldn’t be applied for at least two weeks following dermarolling. You can ask a professional for advice about wearing natural or organic makeup.
  • During peeling, do not wash your face with a face wash. Instead, use a serum or mild cleanser to moisturize your face.

Is there a way to minimize peeling?

The process of peeling is a sign that the body is healing. Rather than trying to minimize it, you should hope that it starts sooner, rather than waiting for it to happen.

It is essential, however, to use a high-quality derma roller, like the Peleva Advanced Micro Derma Roller System with medical-grade titanium microneedles, to obtain best results. Using dull peeling rollers will leave scars that will take a long time to heal.



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