Microneedling: 5 Ways It Changes Skin

In the midst of keeping up with the latest trends and techniques in skincare, you might be wondering what a vampire facial is. More commonly called microneedling or dermarolling, this procedure is a quick and relatively painless treatment that can improve your skin’s health and appearance naturally.


Although we are all aware that regular exfoliation is necessary to prevent breakouts, spots, and wrinkles, not everyone can afford or has the time to exfoliate regularly. That’s where microexfoliating comes into play. Using a microexfoliating roller that goes over the surface of your skin, you can remove dead skin cells and stimulate your skin’s healing process in just a matter of minutes, allowing your skin to gain many benefits.

The following conditions can be treated effectively by microexfoliating rollers:


In addition to affecting our confidence, scars can cause us to feel self-conscious. Scars can be extremely bothersome and hard to cover, whether they are the result of surgery or a minor injury. Creams can give unpredictable results, so dermalexfoliation is a great alternative – by stimulating the skin’s healing process with dermarollers that have microneedles, the dermarollers increase collagen production. This collagen, in turn, causes the scar tissue to dissolve, resulting in fading scars.


Discolorations of the skin can occur for a number of reasons, causing discomfort for those of us who strive to achieve a more uniform appearance. All skin shades can benefit from Micro Needle Dermarollers, and its exfoliating properties can revitalize the top layer of skin and restore its natural tone. Additionally, dermarolling with organic skincare serums and creams can increase the delivery of nutrients to the skin, making it even more radiant and even.   


With age, our bodies produce less and less collagen and elastin, those proteins that keep our skin smooth and healthy. Consequently, wrinkles appear on the skin. We all get wrinkles, whether due to aging, lifestyle choices, or other factors. Wrinkles can be frustrating to see. Good thing that microneedle rollers and the use of proper skincare can encourage your body’s production of collagen and elastin, giving off a smoother and plumper appearance. 


Managing acne and preventing it can be extraordinarily challenging. In addition to being one of the most common skin conditions, breakouts can also be very frustrating to cope with. By applying Advanced Micro Derma Roller System, you can help your skin absorb acne treatment products even better, which means that you can treat your acne to the fullest extent possible. The most important thing to remember is when your acne is active, and when it is not. You should only use Dermarolling when your acne has subsided or when you are experiencing an inactive breakout period. Do not use Dermarolling when you have active acne!

Let us take care of your skincare routine so you don’t have to worry. Healthy and flawless skin doesn’t have to be a full-time job, and you deserve to look young and feel healthy for your entire life. Peleva is dedicated to natural health and beauty, and we encourage anyone with questions or concerns to contact us!

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