Laser Hair Removal at Home

Laser Hair Removal at Home Made Easy

As a woman, facial hair has always been stigmatized. For generations, women have felt compelled to go bald since the presence of facial hair was and still is seen as masculine; however, facial hair is a healthy and natural part of everybody’s appearance. People with more visible hair, often men, are simply more likely to have a problem with unwanted hair; however, women now have the option to maintain natural hair growth or to permanently eliminate it permanently, thanks to laser hair removal at home. Despite being painless and time-consuming, a laser treatment is one of the most popular modern techniques available to remove facial hair. 

Why Are Facial Laser Hair Removal Such A Big Deal?

There is no risk to using laser treatment to remove facial hair; lasers destroy the hair follicle, and since hair grows in cycles, they can only affect the hair at a particular point in its growth cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to have multiple sessions over the course of a few weeks in order to completely stop the regrowth. Although it is not a permanent change, it’s important to understand that it takes time. After a few years, you’ll notice a lot of hair growing back, but every person’s experience and treatment schedule will vary. Some people will require more frequent touch ups than others to prevent stubborn hair from regrowing.

A laser hair removal procedure at a salon or clinic can be very expensive. A single laser hair removal session can cost well over $100, and it usually takes at least six sessions for every hair to be removed. You can spend thousands of dollars on this treatment over the course of your lifetime. Alternatively, you can purchase a laser hair removal device from a reputable brand like Peleva Ice Laser Hair Removal Pro  for around $110.99. These devices are convenient for those who do not need to keep up with salon appointments, and they may prove to be a wise investment in the long run. 

What are the benefits and drawbacks of laser hair removal at home?

At-home laser hair removal devices come in two styles; ones that use intense pulsed light (IPL) and ones that use lasers. In addition to whether they are more effective for people with dark hair and light skin, home hair removal devices are more effective on people with dark hair and light skin, because the laser is more targeted towards pigmented areas of the hair follicles. With light hair and light skin, the device may not provide the desired results, while very dark skin could be burned by the device; even if you have a perfect complexion, you should not use the device in areas such as around the eyes, over pigmented areas, on tattoos, or near moles or the genital area.

As long as it is used for the right purpose and in compliance with safety precautions, hair removal at home is convenient and safe. If you decide to purchase an item, make sure to do thorough research, and make sure that you purchase it from a trustworthy company that values customer safety such as Peleva Ice Laser Hair Removal Pro

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