Keeping your skin moist and oil-free during the summer

It may have been difficult for you to find an appropriate skin care regimen if your skin is oily. You may find it tougher to choose the right facial treatment routine in the summer. You should keep these five essential summer tips in mind to keep your skin hydrated and not only oily when the temperatures rise.

Consider using Vitamin C Serum

Apply Peleva C-Power Vitamin C Serum every morning, especially when the weather is hot as utilizing vitamin C for oily skin is a more beneficial way of preventing skin dryness. The lightweight nature of vitamin C means there are no additional creams needed to make it greasy.

Apply moisturizer to a specific area.

A great way to keep hydrated without getting oily is by moisturizing specific areas. For example, applying hydrating eye cream around the eye region or around the lip area instead of doing heavy moisturization around the whole body is perfect.

Use Hydrating Spray

Many people with oily skin have had success with hydrating sprays, since the sprays allow you to control and control the level of hydration you need without needing to reapply when the heat becomes excessive and without getting oily. 

Wear the Right Sunscreen

Individuals with oily skin should be very careful of the types of sunscreen they use. Most products will leave oily particles on your skin. Consult with your skin care consultant about specific recommendations for products that protect without weighing you down.

Drink a lot of water

During the summer months, don’t forget to drink as much water as you can. With a well-hydrated body, you are not far from glowing and hydrated skin that doesn’t produce oil.

Check out Peleva’s Skin Care for help with a step-by-step regime to treat oily skin.


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