Is IPL Hair Removal Safe

Is IPL Hair Removal Safe and Effective?

Is IPL Hair Removal Safe and Effective? Our short answer to that question is yes, and you’ll see why below!

It is understandable that for a first-time user, IPL hair removal at home may seem daunting. When you receive a treatment, you are more familiar with in a salon, it might seem scary to be left alone (or, to be exact, to the Peleva device!).

The goal of our company is to make hair removal treatments accessible to everyone at home, empowering you to eliminate hair your way; All our products are rigorously tested for safety and efficacy, and undergo clinical trials that are closely monitored at each stage.


Whenever you are considering IPL hair removal devices, clinical studies are an important aspect to take into account, and it is something we take great pride in. We analyze and evaluate all of our clinical data with expert knowledge. During the review process, an external ethicscommittee and independent dermatologists ensure validity and objective treatment claims.

  • More than 3000 treatments performed on a variety of skin tones
  • Safe and effective in clinical trials
  • Safety standards meet the latest international safety standards, including the FDA safety standards.

100% safe to use

Peleva is a pioneer in IPL with a commitment to science and safety. We created many of the firsts in the industry, our devices have safety systems that come into play from the moment they are touched.


In order to deliver full energy to that area, a skin contact sensor ensures full contact with the skin, protecting your eyes from any light leakage. Secondly, it delivers full treatment to that area so you get full benefit from that energy source.


Peleva Ice Laser Hair Removal Pro is constantly detecting your skin-tone, so it will illuminate red if it isn’t safe for you to treat that area. IPL technology isn’t appropriate for every skin tone, so we’ve eliminated the guesswork. We all experience changes in our skin tone throughout the year, so what is safe in winter, might not be safe in summer (whatever summer means).


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