How To Perfect Your Skin In The Summer In 3 Steps

Due to the heat, your skin can appear a lot more youthful, rested, and glowing during the summer months; this applies especially to people with dry skin. You can take a break from lotions and moisturizers, and enjoy the perks of mother nature during the summer; although the summer season can be better for people with dry skin types, there are still some steps that may be necessary for sweaty people.

Shower with Cold Water

It’s not recommended to take hot showers in the morning or in the summer because they feel too heavy and can dehydrate your skin. After all, you’re removing all of your natural oils with a hot shower. In the morning, take a shower with cool water and pat your skin dry. Be careful not to rub or swipe your skin.

The Right Serum + Derma Rolling

Add you favorite hydrating and nourishing Peleva C-Power Vitamin C Serum in your morning and evening skin care routine. On top of that, use derma rolling treatment to prevent acne or other skin issues. Peleva’s Advanced Micro Derma Roller System effectively treats scarring, wrinkles, and stretch marks by reducing appearance of scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks on the face.

Stay Away From Air Conditioners

You might think that air conditioners aren’t as bad as heaters, but they essentially do the same thing; you should only turn on an air conditioner when it is unbearably hot. In addition to conditioners, one would be able to use face sprays and face misters for the skin; these can give out a hydrated and cooling effect on youra skin, and are usually made using natural ingredients like mint, lime, or lemon.

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