How do IPL Treatment Works

How do IPL Hair Removal Treatments Works?

How do IPL Treatment Works

Since it has been a while since we first introduced you to IPL, we forgive you if you don’t quite remember what an amazing product it is. (You can read all about it here!) It’s fantastic to announce that today’s blog is the first of three discussing this increasingly popular treatment – and how it can be applied.

Those of you short on time can get the gist: The treatment restores the skin’s pigment by allowing the light energy emitted by the laser to penetrate into the pigment cells, which are then transformed into heat, destroying any existing pigment. As you can guess, it can be used to treat any number of skin conditions, but today we’re talking about IPL hair removal.

The IPL Hair Removal Method at Home: Yay or Nay?

The at-home IPL devices are everywhere and do produce some results. Our Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro  is one of the best Hair Removal  Machine available in the market. It is very beneficial in helping you maintain your new fuzz-free skin, acting to zap away the odd hair here or there. But please be noted that if the IPL hair removal system is not operated safely or correctly, you might experience some negative side effects, something you wouldn’t want to be taking a gamble on.

Moreover, don’t get tempted by the cheapest offer out there, as if something sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Always trust the brand recommended by skin care experts like Peleva. As a permanent solution, one that won’t require you to fork out on waxing, razors, epilators, or anything else like that ever again, it’s worth investing in top quality like Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro

Things To Do and Not Do Before Treatment


  • Prior to the treatment, do a patch test
  • Shave before and between treatments


  • Waxing, plucking, or threading your hair before and during IPL treatments is BIG NO! Because IPL will only work on hair that is still attached to the follicle; so, do not wax, pluck, or thread before the treatment.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not consider IPL!
  • Avoid tanning during – or immediately following – treatment since it can target the skin’s pigment and cause scarring.

What are you waiting for? Let the Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro  results speak for themselves!

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How do IPL Treatment Works

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