Handheld Electric Anti-Cellulite Massager – Does it Work?

Getting cellulite can be embarrassing, but it doesn’t matter how much weight you lose. Anyone can get it. Cellulite is more than fat- it’s a condition where fat deposits leak through to just below the surface of the skin, creating a lumpy, uneven look. When it comes to treating cellulite, the best treatments such as My Beauty Secret Handheld Electric Anti-Cellulite Massager smoothen out the skin so that it appears smoother and plumper instead of lumpy and uneven.

Does Massage Help Cellulite?

Many massage treatments claim to help reduce cellulite, but does cellulite massage really work?

An early study published in 1997 in the Netherlands determined that using an electric massager three times a week for 15 minutes on the thighs “significantly smooths” the top layer of skin.

The idea behind Handheld Electric Anti-Cellulite Massager is that kneading the fatty deposits can break them up and smooth them out. This process also stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This Handheld Electric Anti-Cellulite Massager can help you lose cellulite and slim down! In addition to reducing cellulite, it also tightens your abdomen, trims your waist, and increases skin firmness and smoothness.

How long should you massage cellulite?

There is no one treatment that can get rid of cellulite instantly, no matter how painful or effective suction, laser, light pulses, freezing, or creams may be. But using this at-home cellulite massager device regularly will help smooth out your skin so that problem areas appear less bumpy. Simply massage your problem areas with this handheld device for about 15 minutes each, 3 times per week.

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