Getting the Best Results from your IPL Hair Removal

So much thought, planning, and effort go into what actually happens DURING and AFTER IPL laser hair treatment that lots of people forget about how to prepare their skin and hair and get the best possible results immediately after treatment.

The first point, and perhaps the most important, is to protect that portion of your body you want to be treated from the sun for 6 weeks before having treatment.

Second, you should start using loofa and moisturizing your skin every day to ensure your skin is soft and free of dry skin. The light used in IPL laser hair is hampered by dry skin, which makes it difficult for it to penetrate easily into the skin. It is ideal for as much light as possible to penetrate easily into the skin. It is best to begin using a loofah and moisturizer as early as possible since you will have to do so throughout your treatment anyway.

To ensure that your first treatment will go smoothly, we recommend waxing the area 3 weeks before the hair removal procedure. This will remove any old, dry hairs that are sitting in the follicle. These hairs would not respond to treatment because they are already beyond the viable stage for treatment. Instead of wasting energy from the first treatment on these hairs, it will now be absorbed into the new hairs that should be growing!

To get the best results, make sure you are getting the best IPL Hair Removal Device that suits your requirements like PELEVA LIGHT IPL DEVICE. There is no doubt that Peleva Light IPL Device is the most powerful IPL available on the market today; it offers a simple, pain-free at-home IPL with a number of features that make it stand out from the competition.

When you follow these simple steps, you are likely to achieve great results right within a few treatments. In order to learn more about the possibilities of achieving perfect IPL hair removal, please contact us at

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