Best Skin Care Products To Carry in Your Luggage For Your Year-End Vacation

As we plan our much awaited year end vacation, we sometimes tend to focus on things that are a bit superficial, like clothes or shoes; however, we somehow forget to account for things that are actually very crucial. 

The following items are the most important things you should bring with you on vacation:

Skin Care Products

Don’t just pack sunscreen tubes for the family; be sure to pack your skin care essentials. Not only will you encounter irritation during some vacation activities, you’ll also want to keep your skin issues in check for those unforgettable family photos. These are some of the best products from the Peleva that you need to have;    

  1. Anti-Aging Collagen Moisturizer
  2. Antioxidant Toner
  3. Dual Blend Powder Foundation
  4. Peleva Vegan Lipstick 

Water Bottles 

It is very common to completely forget about staying healthy when on vacation. But not drinking enough water can cause you to dehydrate and even develop skin problems. It is best to bring refillable water bottles so you can stay hydrated the entire time and enjoy your vacation to its fullest.


Peleva produces skin care products that are effective for protecting skin from the sun, but being in the sun requires a lot of sun protection and using a strong sunscreen is important.  Additionally, you will be able to have a great time on your vacation because you will not suffer from unpleasant things like sunburns. 

A vacation is supposed to be a fun time, so not planning ahead can make things uncomfortable. Make sure you keep these items in your bag and you are certain to have a memorable trip.


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