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    BB Cream with SPF Sienna Love
    BB Cream with SPF Vanilla

    BB Cream with SPF

    $ 21.00
    The skin protection and medium coverage in one bottle. A light, moisturizing formula with SPF…
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    Liquid Shimmer Euphoria

    $ 25.00
    Get that high-impact shine you’ve always wanted with our Liquid Shimmer. Our innovative formula is…
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    Lip Pencil Roseate

    $ 16.00
    Looking to reshape and resize your lips? Look no further – our lip pencil is…
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    Tapered Blender

    $ 21.00
    Looking for the right blending brush? The Tapered Blender is designed to seamlessly blend around…
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    7 Piece Brush Set

    $ 62.00
    Need an everyday, essential set of brushes for your daily makeup look? This 7 Piece…
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    Lip Gloss Coco

    $ 21.00
    Take your gloss and brilliance to the next level with our liquid lip gloss. One…

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    Peleva ICE Laser Hair Removal Pro

    $ 95.00 $ 249.99
    NO PAIN AT FREEZING POINT Freezing and waxing go hand in hand. Enjoy the new…
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    Peleva Advanced Micro Derma Roller System

    $ 49.50 $ 59.99
    Advanced Micro Derma Roller System by Peleva is an efficient micro-needling tool that gives you…
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    Peleva Advanced IPL Device White

    Peleva Advanced IPL Device

    $ 90.00 $ 125.50
    With Peleva Light IPL Device, you'll be able to remove hair permanently from the comfort…
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    Lip Gloss Warm Rose

    $ 21.00
    Take your gloss and brilliance to the next level with our liquid lip gloss. One…
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    Lipstick Thrill

    $ 19.00
    Fit any wardrobe and any mood with our long-lasting, vibrant lipstick with a creamy finish.…
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    Foundation Marigold

    Foundation Marigold

    $ 21.00
    The foundation that will leave you with a natural glow. This foundation has a medium…

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We care for the environment as much as we care about our customers. Our products are a testament to our commitment to producing high-quality beauty products that are also environmentally friendly. After all, we only have one world to care for.

Most of the products are natural, organic & vegan.

for all skin type

for all skin type


non toxic


high quality

Worldwide shipping

worldwide shipping


eco friendly


paraben free


cruelty free

100% Vegan

100% vegan

Organic & Natural

organic & natural


gmo free

Real Customer Results

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I really love it. I feel like it is truly helping my skin, it takes time to see but you can just feel it. You feel a slight tingly sensation and it's pretty amazing. I have some acne and I feel like it's reducing every day thanks to this.
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I'm looking forward to not having to shave in the future, but I'm even more looking forward to not having to deal with the post-shave shadow.
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I was pleasantly surprised how easy the tool is to use and it does not hurt when used properly. The serum that is included along with the tool is soothing. I follow that up with my own moisturizer. It’s recommended that you use it every other day.
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Great derma roller! Got it as a gift and the packing is super cute. I love how it came with the vitamin c serum. I’ve noticed a difference since using it for almost a month now. I really recommend this product.

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