7 Tips To Consider Before Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

7 Tips To Consider Before Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

If you are considering laser hair removal, you should keep in mind that the following things need to be avoided:

  1. You shouldn’t wax or pluck your hair for four weeks before and four weeks after the laser hair removal treatment; the laser needs to “see” the dark pigment in the root of your hair to destroy its blood supply and, hence, stop the follicle from growing hair.  A laser cannot detect pigment in the hair root if you remove the hair root, so the treatment will not work.
  2. During the four weeks before and after the laser treatment, avoid sunbathing and being in direct sunlight. Melanocytes are activated when laser hair removal is performed. As a result of laser exposure to the sun, melanocytes in the treated area (and the area to be treated) become activated, even more, creating an even greater risk of skin cancer. 
  3. Vitamin D supplements should be avoided two weeks before and after laser treatments, as they activate melanocytes that increase the risk of skin damage during laser treatments.
  4. When laser hair removal is done, don’t pick at the shedding hair that follows the treatment. You’ll increase your risk of infection.
  5. You should never use a steam room, sauna, swimming pool, or hot shower a few days after receiving laser treatment as this could cause skin burning due to increased skin sensitivity following the laser treatment.
  6. Right after the treatment, avoid wearing tight clothes or any clothes that rub against the skin to avoid friction that could cause irritation and may burn the epidermis.
  7. Do not apply deodorants or other perfumed substances on the lasered areas; this will cause irritation on the sensitive skin following laser treatment.

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