Laser Hair Removal

5 Tips to Help You With Laser Hair Removal

One of the most annoying things to deal with is unwanted hair growing on some parts of the body and face. If you want your skin to be smooth and silky, you need to get rid of that hair. If you are interested in a painless and long-lasting solution to your pesky hair, then laser hair removal might be the answer. Waxing and shaving can do the trick for a while, but they are only temporary. You might want to consider laser hair removal if you are looking for a long-term solution.

Thousands of millions of people are now opting to have laser hair removal treatment these days; the procedure involves using concentrated light energy or lasers that penetrate the skin to remove the hair. As a result, the light energy is converted into heat energy that destroys the hair follicles under the skin; this prevents hair growth or delays it significantly. 

This article will provide you with five important tips if you are new to laser hair removal treatment.

 Shave before your treatment

You might think about removing hair or waxing your body on the day of your treatment; however, this is a big no-no. When planning to get laser hair removal, avoid plucking or waxing your hair since these treatments could compromise the outcome. However, you may use a razor on the parts of your body that you plan to treat. 

A series of sessions is the best way to achieve results

Every hair is unique and contains different granules. In addition, laser hair removal treatment is best for people with darker skin tones and darker hair, and only around 80% of your hair follicles will be destroyed by this procedure. It usually takes several sessions to achieve this result, especially if you have lighter skin. If you are interested in having a smooth, silky and hair-free complexion for a long time, make sure you take multiple sessions. 

Understand post-treatment irritation

Prior to undergoing laser hair removal, you should read and learn about its potential side effects. You may experience swelling or irritation after the procedure. These are all normal side effects and will eventually go away. To relieve the symptoms, apply a cold or warm compress to the affected area. Speak to your doctor about how to deal with skin swelling and irritation.

Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight

Despite their annoying nature, hairs on our skin serve a purpose. In a way, they keep the sun’s direct radiation away from our skin. When you get a treatment that removes your hairs, your skin is left vulnerable to harmful UV rays. In the post-treatment period, it is recommended you wear sunscreen every time you step outside in the sun or, if possible, to avoid direct sunlight.


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